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Spiritual Journey 101

Perils of Organized Religion

10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 12:34 - What Does it Mean?
About Me
All About Self
Are Psychics/Mediums Real?
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Astral Travel and The Silver Cord
Aura Photos With My Angel Maggie
Blessed Mother Photos - 1968 - updated: Visitation in December 2009!
Book 1 Table of Contents
Book 1 - A Spiritual Journey - Loving Guidance from Beyond
Book 2 Table of Contents
Book 2 - Understanding the Voice Within
Can The Veil of Forgetfulness Be Lifted?
Civil War Documents - My Past Life Documented in History!
Destiny and Free Will
How My Gifts Work
Is There a Hell?
Is There a Right & Wrong?
Is There a Soul Hierarchy?
Kundalini Energy: Dark Night of the Soul
Life & Death
Messages from Maggie
Near Death Experiences and Exit Points
Perils of Organized Religion
Service for Humanity: Our Soul's Mission
Sexuality & Spirituality
Should We Judge Others?
Soul Mates Explained
Viewing Past Lives
What Happenes After Physical Death?
Who Are We?
Why Are We Here?
Why Don't We Remember Home?
Wish Fulfillment
5 Words for Life: Tolerance
5 Words for Life: Compassion
5 Words for Life: Forgiveness
5 Words for Life: Patience
5 Words for Life: LOVE - The Most Important Thing


Maggie's Message: 

  "...It's not what we believe but how we behave. It doesn't matter if we are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Wiccan, etc. They all have their own religious practices, rituals and standards. But they all have the most important attributes in common....Tolerance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Patience and mostly...LOVE! All the other rituals, symbols, and moral codes are different, but the most important is love: love for one another and love of one's self. Love for one another and for your God. That carries more weight than any religious doctrine. Religions and their beliefs have changed in the centuries and will continue to do so, but the one constant that will never change should be our love for one another - no matter what. This world will continue on until we all understand these truths and can live by them. This is a very long time from now. Love is something we don't possess enough of in the physical world..."
"It is the duty of every cultured man or woman to read sympathetically the scriptures of the world. If we are to respect others' religions as we would have them respect our own, a friendly study of the world's religions is a sacred duty" - Mohandas K. Gandhi
"There is only one religion, the religion of Love; There is only one language, the language of the Heart; There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity; There is only one law, the law of Karma; There is only one God, He is Omnipresent" -  Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
"Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet" - Anonymous
"And one of them, a doctor of the Law, putting him to the test, asked him, "Master, which is the great commandment in the Law?" Jesus said to him, "'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.' This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like it, 'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.' On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets." - Matthew 22:35-40

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