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Spiritual Journey 101

All About Self

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All About Self
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5 Words for Life: Tolerance
5 Words for Life: Compassion
5 Words for Life: Forgiveness
5 Words for Life: Patience
5 Words for Life: LOVE - The Most Important Thing

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Look carefully and you will see the beauty God has created before your very eyes.                His love is unconditional. Love, honor and respect yourself.

  If you weren't worth it you wouldn't be here"  


Maggie 2011




          What do we see when we look in the mirror? How do we feel about the person looking back at us? Do we believe we're more valuable than our ego-self or the world around us allows us to believe? Always remember; the Other Side is our reality. We are souls in a human body, not a human body with a soul. If we can keep that truth in our minds when life gets rough, we can stay focused on attracting blessings into our lives.

          It's very important to understand that the thoughts and feelings we carry around with us affect every part of our lives. It affects the way we feel about ourselves, the decisions we make, the dreams we manifest, and how we connect to the Other Side. Just like behaviors, the attitudes we express about ourselves are a choice, and we should monitor them carefully! I've had many discussions about this subject, so many that it's influenced me to write this blog.

           I'm suggesting that we see ourselves the way God and the angelic realm sees us, and not the way a judgmental society or our ego-self sees us. We must learn to love ourselves the way God and the angelic realm love us. We must love ourselves with the same compassionate and tolerant feelings we show other people. This must be our primary attitude when we think of self.                                                    

           But what does it have to do with spirituality? Plenty! If we have a bash-fest every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, thinking: 'my hair is too thin, my nose is too big,' etc., we're releasing negativity into the universe. That body part or physical feature we wish we could change could be the body part another person wishes they had. We teach each other how to accept our differences by experiencing our differences. It's very purposeful because it creates tolerance, forgiveness and compassion.

            Did you know that universal energy has a boomerang effect? What we send out to the world will surely come back to us. We will attract the same situations that created that negative feeling to begin with, in order to teach us that this negativity is not the loving path. It's the universal Law of Attraction we hear so much about. The goal is to attract unconditional love and blessings, and we do this by believing that love is our true realiy.

          We are truly beautiful just the way we are because we are God's creation. We don't need to change ourselves we only need to love ourselves. We shouldn't waste our precious energy dwelling on other people's opinions or ideals. Don't absorb other people's comments and make them your truth. Other people's opinions aren't your reality unless you make them so, they are only perceptions, and we all have our own perceptions. We shouldn't give others' perceptions any power over us, or allow their opinions to influence how we feel about ourselves.

         Our bodies hold the most precious commodity in the universe, our souls. And for that reason alone we should treat it like a temple. The better we feel about ourselves, the more positive our attitude will be. Positive energy will attract spiritual guidance to us like a moth to the light, because we are manifesting the Other Side to earth. This will keep our ego-self and its negative dialog at bay.

          So how do we focus on positive aspects in life and erase the negativity? How do we work through the pain when our feelings are hurt? If we're dwelling on behaviors we're not proud of remember this: we're all going to do things we're proud of, and things we're not so proud of. We are much harder on ourselves than we should if we are judging ourselves needlessly. It doesn't matter what we've done in the past, each day is a brand-spankin' new day to start a new life! Dwelling on past mistakes only keeps us from moving towards the life of our dreams :)