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Spiritual Journey 101

Near Death Experiences and Exit Points

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This topic is discussed in-depth in a chapter on
"Spirituality and Sexuality"
book release in 2011
           This experience seems to occur frequently when the body has suffered trauma. In the body's dibilitated state the mind shuts down at a conscious level to protect us from the pain, sometimes putting us in a comatose state. Oftentimes, comas are clinically induced with pharmaceutical drugs to assist our body's healing. Either way, we are able to "block out" the outside world and all of its distractions, which allows our minds to have experiences not related to our world. This IS the norm.  
          Another method our minds can reach this state of consciousness is during orgasm. There have been many reports of this experience, and it's my opinion there are many more, but most are never reported. During heightened sexual arousal the mind becomes dis-associated from the body (like in coma-state), even if only momentarily. The individual may lose feeling in their body or lose some abilities with their 5-senses. Folks are too embarrassed to discuss this experience with a physician or therapist. Unfortunately, they don't see it as the blessing it truly is!      
          When we are deep in our minds we can have many experiences that go beyond the typical meditative state. This superconscious state IS our connection to Home! Many times we can see friends and family who have already gone Home, receive messages from them and feel their Love.
          Beyond that experience is a state of mind allowing us to feel God's Loving Light and Energy and receive Spiritual guidance from Him. He will surround us with a warm, loving embrace which is indescribable in human words! It is the most Love we will ever feel...there is no comparison on earth.
          Some may enter the Light, others enter the Light and then are told to go back, some are given a choice to stay or go (these are called "exit points", see below), then others only see it from a distance and receive their guidance from there. This was my experience. I was held at bay (although your desire is to move into the Light) and told I couldn't come any closer, and received my Divine Guidance.
          One person's experience isn't better or mean more than others. That too, is a common thread among us who have had these experiences; there is no sense of ego. The "mine was better than yours" mentality does not exist. Those who have truly had this experience only feel Love and respect for their Brothers and Sisters who have also had it. They can understand us in a way others cannot ~ we share a Divine Experience.
          There is no right or wrong way to have this magical and very mystical experience, it is part of our Spiritual evolvement. We are all on different paths and what happens to us during these types of experiences are a very personal thing. The one thing that is common with these experiences is the Unconditional Love one feels. There is no better feeling - IT IS NIRVANA!

      Exit Points   

           When we incarnated we were given different points in our life when we could choose to go Home; cut class early, so to speak. These are called Exit Points. It's not a "sin" or a Spiritual disgrace to utilize one of these Exit Points. They were given to us in case we felt like we bit off more than we could chew in selecting situations in our life. It's hard to be in the physical world, it's a very negative place, the most negative place to come and learn lessons. So it's no surprise we were given an "eject" button in case we couldn't deal with it any longer.

           However, it is our 'drive' to want to stay here and do what ever it is we came here to do...we call this our survival instinct or survival mode. All of God's creatures possess it because we are all here for a reason - discovering that reason is what our paths are all about.

           AVERAGE number of these points is 5. Remember, there is no exact in the Universe, it is ever-changing and so should we be! Some people have 3, some 7, the amount doesn't matter.

           Many times, those who have had a Near-Death Experience are at an Exit Point. Notice how some are told to go back when they reach The Light, or they are shown their families to keep them on earth, some are shown what they still have to accomplish on earth, getting glimpses of the future and their path - this is Divine Guidance attempting to keep us here. Others are given the choice to stay Home or come back to earth-they are experiencing an exit point.

          You may never be aware of when you are experiencing an Exit Point. Bells and whistles won't go off in your head to alert you, you may just feel like you can't take living this life anymore. Depression is a major component. But keep in mind that sometimes it's an illness that we become afflicted with and have to battle to stay alive. Either way, facing these adversities will definately strengthen the Soul.

         The important thing to remember about them is this: God loves you SO MUCH that He gave you an "out". Now that doesn't sound like a God we need to fear, does it?


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