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Spiritual Journey 101

Can The Veil of Forgetfulness Be Lifted?

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All About Self
Are Psychics/Mediums Real?
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Astral Travel and The Silver Cord
Aura Photos With My Angel Maggie
Blessed Mother Photos - 1968 - updated: Visitation in December 2009!
Book 1 Table of Contents
Book 1 - A Spiritual Journey - Loving Guidance from Beyond
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Book 2 - Understanding the Voice Within
Can The Veil of Forgetfulness Be Lifted?
Civil War Documents - My Past Life Documented in History!
Destiny and Free Will
How My Gifts Work
Is There a Hell?
Is There a Right & Wrong?
Is There a Soul Hierarchy?
Kundalini Energy: Dark Night of the Soul
Life & Death
Messages from Maggie
Near Death Experiences and Exit Points
Perils of Organized Religion
Service for Humanity: Our Soul's Mission
Sexuality & Spirituality
Should We Judge Others?
Soul Mates Explained
Viewing Past Lives
What Happenes After Physical Death?
Who Are We?
Why Are We Here?
Why Don't We Remember Home?
Wish Fulfillment
5 Words for Life: Tolerance
5 Words for Life: Compassion
5 Words for Life: Forgiveness
5 Words for Life: Patience
5 Words for Life: LOVE - The Most Important Thing

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            The Veil of Forgetfulness is a phrase used to describe our inability to remember Home and our past lives, just to name a couple of things. Think of this veil as a barrier between the physical world and Home. It is there for our Soul's growth. Just like we wouldn't give a 5th grader 12th grade homework, we won't receive a lifting of the veil if we are not prepared to comprehend what we see/hear and accept the responsibility of having the Knowledge of Truth.
             If you know anyone who's had a near-death experience, ask them if Home is anything like earth? I guarantee the answer will be 'no'! The Spiritual Realms are all about Love. We are not in human form there so we don't behave like humans. We have no ego to contend with, no survival instincts, negative emotions or thoughts. Imagine YOUR life now without those behaviors? That's what it's like to be Enlightened!
             I'm frequently asked, "do you miss your old life?" the answer is "NO!" I don't miss my negative behaviors, my view of the world as a mean and hateful place, contending with others to reach the top, competing in a rat-race society or doing things that only serve me and the people I know. Enlightenment brings purpose and meaning to our life that cannot be matched by society.
             Please don't misunderstand a fact: we need our survival instincts here! That's what keeps us in the physical world, but we are also equipped with an ego which can create a sense of selfishness that's hard to tame. We must master this before the veil can be lifted. Ego and Enlightenment cannot co-exist. We cannot see through the veil if we believe Enlightenment is a competition or some kind of social ladder. What's beyond the veil is Love. Literally everything is Love! So if we are too attached to the physical world we cannot conceptualize that Love is the only reality!
             When the veil is lifted and we see Home the world we live in loses its importance. There is nothing we wouldn't give up, change, or walk away from to follow the Divine Guidance we hear. Our body, mind, heart and Soul swim in Divine Love and we feel the 'temporary-ness' of our existence on earth - knowing we are here to learn with our Brothers and Sisters then go Home, back to where we came from, to prepare for another life in a future time.