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Spiritual Journey 101

Civil War Documents - My Past Life Documented in History!

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Civil War Documents - My Past Life Documented in History!
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            Below is a photo of the Civil War Documents proving Lucien's existence. Three years after the visions, I found the proof I was searching for. When I was ready to accept several truths about this past life experience I was lead to the information I'd been seeking. Divine Timing had arrived and I was ready to learn what I needed to learn personally. I am forever indebted to the NARA! (National Archives and Records Administration)
             Had it not been for the memories I possess about Lucien's life I would have never been able to find these documents in history. I also have the 1860 Federal Census showing his family, just as I remember (he was the oldest son at home, Father was not there, several younger brothers and sisters, etc). I later learned his Father was not with the family because he had died in 1855.            
              The most amazing experiences occurred at the time I was having the 7 past-life visions. My cousin, who knew little of what was happening, saw Lucien in her house, describing him and his attire exactly as I had in my notes...her Husband also saw him, even though he didn't know who he was. He asked her about it and she called to tell me what they'd seen.
              Months later, a friend told her she was seeing a young Civil War couple in a recurring dream; she was blending the lives of Lucien and Amelia from 1862, with my life now! Of course, none of this made any sense to her, she just found it strange that she kept having the same dream over and over for months. She had no idea what it meant. I still possess the email my cousin sent me, telling me of her friend's "strange recurring dream". Our Angels were working overtime on that one!
I understand this document is hard to read (if not impossible!) so here is the information listed on it.
Lucien enlisted on October 20th, 1862. He was then sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi 2 days later. On December 31st, 1862, he was sick in the city hospital where he died on January 21st, 1863.
            In the sections about a recruitment officer no name is listed on any of them. Just like I remembered, Lucien was a volunteer soldier, the day he left the plantation he left on his own accord. He felt it was his duty to protect his home and The South, leaving behind the woman he loved and his family.


My Guardian Angel Maggie  Lovingly guided me through Enlightenment . She was with me step-by-step during my Civil War past life memories, guiding me in the most Loving manner. Thanks to her, I began to learn what I came here to learn and I have developed Spiritually to help others in need.