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Spiritual Journey 101

Sexuality & Spirituality

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5 Words for Life: LOVE - The Most Important Thing


Maggie's Message: 
"...The ultimate union is when our souls blend with each other; when their energies fuse together. This cannot be accomplished on earth as our physical bodies are a barrier. However, our energies can touch each other in this transcendental state of mind, body and soul (#3 below, like Lucien and Amelia, in my book). It is the ultimate union while in the physical world..." 

I receieve many questions about this subject. It is discussed in-depth in a chaper of my book to be release early in 2011
                  There is a direct correlation between Spirituality and Sexuality in our brain, body, heart and soul. When we possess a true connection to our inner-self we realize that we were given a great gift with is not just a means to satisfy the body, but to enrich the Soul.
             Orgasm creates temporary biological changes in the body and mind giving us a euphoric feeling. However, what orgasm does for the body and mind is miniscule compared to what a Spiritual connection does for the soul -  it's nothing short of miraculous. At that moment in time, both person's energies 
intertwine, then connect together to their Higher Selves in unison. 
              For those who have developed Spiritually or those who meditate, the experience intensifies. Because we experience transcendental states of consciousness (which is really our connection Home to God), we feel the constant Loving Energy vibration at a faster rate - this higher vibration acts as a catalyst...the more evolved we are, the more of God's Loving Energy we feel - creating nirvana! We are seperate from our bodies and are at one with God. And while orgasm feels good to the body, this Spiritual connection (ultimate Samadhi) takes that feeling several steps further, lasting longer and allowing us to feel much more Loving Energy.
           During Civil War vision #3 of my Enlightenment, this Spiritual experience happened to me while I was in a transcendental state of consciousness. I had no feeling in my body and the receptors for my 5 senses were dormant, creating this ultimate Spiritual experience ~
 ...convergence with God. Lucien and Amelia (from my book) experienced this, therefore so did I - Amelia's memories are mine, Spiritually we are one in the same.
            Enlightenment is a very personal experience. I have done my best to express this message in a non-personal way, hoping that I have included enough information for it to be understood and informative.          

3 Levels of Love

Which can be experienced in the physical world:

1) Physical - The Body - (conscious level)

The actual physical mechanics of the body during a sexual encounter

2) Mental The Mind - (subconscious level)

Euphoric state; being “in love,” deeper than just a conscious thought, subconscious

3) Spiritual - The Soul - (super-conscious Spiritual level)

Love engaging the mind, body and soul of both persons in a Spiritual transcendental state in unison - Nirvana


       Tantric Description of  Civil War Vision #3

“ culminates in a sublime experience of infinite awareness, by both participants. The Tantric Text specify that sex has 3 distinct and separate purposes — procreation (body), pleasure (mind) and liberation (Soul).

Those seeking liberation eschew frictional orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy, as the couple participating in the ritual lock in a static embrace. The act balances energies coursing within the pranic ida and pingala channels in the bodies of both participants. The sushumna nadi is awakened and kundalini rises upwards within it.

This eventually culminates in samadhi wherein the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness. Tantrics understand the act on multiple levels...” - Hindu Tantra

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